Postdoctoral Research at UGA

At the University of Georgia (UGA), the postdoctoral research experience emphasizes scholarship and continued research training for individuals who have recently completed a doctoral degree.

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The postdoctoral research scholar conducts research under the general oversight of a faculty mentor in preparation for a career position in academe, industry, government, or the nonprofit sector. Postdoctoral research work provides essential training that may include opportunities to enhance teaching and other professional skills.

Postdoctoral research scholars contribute to the academic community by enhancing the research and education programs of the university. They bring expertise and creativity that enrich the research environment for all members of the university community, including graduate and undergraduate students.

UGA strives to provide a stimulating, positive, and constructive experience for the postdoctoral research scholar, by emphasizing the mutual commitment and responsibility of the institution, the faculty, and the scholar.

An individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is engaged in a temporary and defined period of mentored advanced training to enhance the professional skills and research independence needed to pursue his or her chosen career path.

The NIH/NSF definition (above), which emphasizes the importance of mentored training during the postdoctoral period, is used for all postdoctoral scholars supported by funding from NIH or NSF.