University of Georgia Researcher Orientation and Ongoing Training Series (UGA-ROOTS)

A semiannual series for postdocs, graduate students and new faculty on the ins and outs of the UGA research enterprise.

Series Goals

With a focus on postdoctoral research scholars and graduate students, UGA-ROOTS is being organized: (1) to provide basic information on the ins and outs of how the research enterprise is carried out at UGA to those new to the university; (2) to provide additional training to current UGA researchers with the goal of improving their overall skill set for their current and future positions; and (3) in so doing, improve the research atmosphere and reputation of UGA. To this end, it is also important that the researchers at the bench know who to contact when they need assistance with anything from determining which products or techniques are available to deal with a research problem to who can help them with issues concerning their employment and training here at the university. That is why it is important for them to meet and establish connections with vendor representatives, other UGA researchers, and UGA personnel from the organizing groups (below).

Series Organization

There will be one session every six to twelve months, typically in April and/or October. Specific dates will be determined by the organizing groups:  the University of Georgia Postdoc Association (PDA) and the Office of Research through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA). Dates will be based on the availability of speakers, meeting areas, and personnel from the organizing groups. Each session will have an orientation, the content of which is repeated every session (with necessary updates to the information), and a training component.

Typical Session Organization

  • Orientation.
  • Break.
  • Training
  • Social Event.

Past ROOTS Events

May 2016 ROOTS

October 2013 ROOTS

October 2012 ROOTS

July 2012 ROOTS

April 2012 ROOTS