UGA Postdoctoral Scholars Program: Future Faculty for Inclusive Research Excellence (FFIRE)

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Program Description

The UGA Future Faculty for Inclusive Research Excellence (FFIRE) Postdoctoral Scholars program is a postdoctoral research and academic career development program designed to recruit, train, and support exceptional new postdoctoral scholars pursuing academic careers.

Scholars will gain the rigorous disciplinary research training of a traditional academic postdoc with faculty mentors leading innovative and interdisciplinary UGA research groups and also will engage in comprehensive integrated academic career development programming and mentoring.

Faculty and postdocs from all disciplines are eligible to participate.  The program is jointly funded by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, research units and individual faculty mentors.

Program Goals

  • Recruit exceptional postdoctoral scholars to UGA research teams to enhance and accelerate strategic research goals.
  • Leverage the unique perspectives, personal strengths and experiences, and broad expertise of FFIRE fellows to build excellent research teams that maximize the impact of UGA research and optimize the solutions we bring to complex problems.
  • Create a pipeline of interdisciplinary and innovative scholars prepared to join and lead the next generation of faculty.
  • Enhance the culture of innovation, belonging, and interdisciplinarity throughout UGA’s research community.


Interested applicants may click here for further information on the program and instructions to apply.